“A unique museum in the world where the medieval and the mechanical merge inmerse in the history of a region and the evolution of the automobile through the centuries”

Starting with the private collection, Miguel de la Vía combined the reconstruction of the historic Tower together with a rigorous search for new models of the Rolls-Royce firm with the aim of obtaining at least one unit of all vehicles manufactured by the firm under British ownership. Today it is the most complete Rolls-Royce collection in Europe, and one of the few places in the world where all Phantom models manufactured until 1972 can be seen together.

The exhibit of its six pavilions allows us to enjoy authentic automotive jewels and offers a dynamic and suggestive vision of the evolution in the car design along with the concept of luxury in the twentieth century, spanning almost a hundred years of history from the oldest model, the Silver Ghost of 1910, to a Silver Spur of the nineties. The 45 units that constitute the legacy of Rolls-Royce are complemented by some thirty prestigious European and American vehicles that review the technological advances and the impact that cars have had on society, culture and the economy over a hundred years. Brands such as Hispano-Suiza, Isotta Fraschini, Delaunay-Belleville or Ford share the Museum exhibition with Ferrari, Lamborghini or Jaguar.

La profusión de estilos que exhiben los vehículos Rolls-Royce obedece a que casi todos los coches se vendían en forma de chasis -que daba el nombre al modelo- incluyendo la mecánica, el radiador y el capó. El acabado se dejaba en manos de maestros carroceros elegidos por el comprador. Todos los coches se encuentran en perfecto estado de conservación y listos para ser puestos en marcha

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