Located in a captivating landscape between the mountains of the Basque Country thirty kilometers from Bilbao in a region -the Encartaciones- where nature, art and history join forces, the majestic fortress of Torre Loizaga, formerly built in the fourteenth century as the defensive bastion of the Ochoa García de Loyzaga lineage, was rescued from its ruins by the businessman and collector from Galdames, Miguel de la Vía, who undertook and designed a colossal reconstruction task at the hands of expert stonecutters that would cover decades of artisanal and dedicated work.

A precise and chosen place to shelter a unique collection that began with the Founder’s special enthusiasm for Rolls-Royce. An impressive set of cars collected through an exhaustive study of the British firm complemented by a series of pieces from different brands of classic and modern cars dating from the dawn of the automobile era to the present day.

Today we can enjoy this exclusive compound visiting the historic tower and its Museum of Classic and Antique Cars It has become an indispensable meeting point for all motor, nature and history lovers. The beauty of the environment and the quality of its facilities also guarantee the success of the most demanding events.

On the vestiges of the ancient tower twenty-five meters of walls were erected with its pocket-arms, openings and battlements impregnating the whole with a true medieval atmosphere enhancing the romantic carachter of the setting.

“Miguel de la Via conceived to undertake the reconstruction of an historical medeveal ruins into a majestic arquitectural compound which now harbors a magnificent collection of classic motorcars”

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