Pre & Post Wars

Pre & Post Wars

The post-war recession led to the manufacture of a smaller car suited to the difficult situation but maintained the smoothness, silence, elasticity and durability of the 40/50 hp. In 1922 the brand launched the Rolls-Royce 20 HP to which the 20/25 HP and 25/30 HP models would succeed. They were known as the “Baby Rolls”, intended for proprietary drivers and that became very popular among the growing middle class consisting of doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

Following the Silver Wraith models in the line display are different body versions that include two limousines that belonged to the Queen Elizabeth II fleet of South Africa and Australia. The Standard Steel Silver Dawn was introduced in July 1949 and was manufactured for six years. Together with the Silver Cloud, they were during the twenty years after the war, a stronghold of the ‘20s’ style that kept the memory of pre-war cars in the form of prominent curved fins and large radiator grills, which in contrast with other manufacturers maintain an almost handmade formula.

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