1955 MG TF 1500

1955 MG TF 1500

Morris Garage was founded in 1923 by tycoon and philanthropist William Morris, to provide a more sporty line of Morris models. He is responsible for the original shape of the radiator as well as the octagonal logo of the first models. After the War, the production was oriented to the American market with thousands of units sold of the sports cars of the T series. In 1954 a new model of the TF series is equipped with a more powerful engine, the TF 1500 that will be replaced two years later by the MGA

Currently the brand that had the slogan ‘Safety Fast’ is owned by a Chinese company, but production has been re-launched in the UK at the Birmingham Factory; where they have a technical and design team that places special emphasis on preserving the style that characterises this iconic Brand

  • Bodywork: Roadster
  • Capacity: 1,489 cc
  • Speed: 150km/h
  • Period: 1953-1955

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