1940 Lancia Aprilia Berlinetta Aerodinámica

1940 Lancia Aprilia Berlinetta Aerodinámica

Created in 1906 in Turin by Vicenzo Lancia, it was the first company to build the monocoque chassis and to create the V-shaped engine. It has left a great legacy in the world of rallying, as it is the brand that holds the most world records (10 wins)

The 1937 Aprilia model was created by the inspiration of Vicenzo Lancia, and the pencil of Battista Farina (Pininfarina) – one of the greatest car designers of the twentieth century. Its most distinctive feature is the body, designed according to aerodynamic criteria and tested in a wind tunnel

The exposed saloon has the steering wheel on the right side like the rest of the models that, when being manufactured in this version, could not be marketed in Europe. The rounded rear end, finished in an inclined plane, betrays the aerodynamic design and is finished off by a rear window in two halves

  • Capacity: 1,486 cc
  • Speed: 125km/h
  • Period: 1937-1949
  • Units: 27,637

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