1929 RR Phantom I Springfield Landaulette #S383FM

1929 RR Phantom I Springfield Landaulette #S383FM

Rolls-Royce established a plant in Springfield, Massachusetts (U.S.A.) in 1919 in order to avoid high importation taxes. Silver Ghost and Phantom I models were produced there until the fall of Wall Street in 1929. In the collection, four units of this model are exhibited with different bodyworks, always according to customers’ preferences

American models had mechanical features not found in the English, and perhaps more elegant and proportionate bodywork. Bodybuilders were grouped together in an association, being Brewster & Co the main supplier. A total of 1,243 Phantom I’s were built at the Springfield factory between 1926 and 1931, equipped with the steering wheel on the left side

  • Bodywork: Brewster
  • Capacity: 7,428 cc
  • Period: 1921-1926 (USA)
  • Units: 1,703 (USA)

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