New! Visits to the Museum Car Workshop

One of the keys that makes a car museum more attractive and interesting is that the cars are in perfect running order, as in the case of the Miguel de la Vía Collection, whose care and maintenance is carried out in Torre Loizaga’s own workshop, which has been set up for visitors who wish to satisfy their curiosity about the technical details and other peculiarities of both century-old cars and supercars, and at the same time learn about the fascinating stories they have kepts over so many years.

In the workshop, repairs are carried out manually, following the principle of preserving as far as possible the original state of the car, as can be heard in this interview that EITB2 conducted with the chief mechanic of the Miguel de la Vía Collection. We hope that the atmosphere given off by the spare parts, the tools, the lifts and the aroma of the oils, the engines or the radiators will inspire more than one young person to start learning an old trade which, nevertheless, is already shaping up to be an excellent job opportunity.


The workshop can be included at no extra cost in guided tours or tours arranged with individuals, associations, schools or any other group booking outside the museum’s opening days (Sundays and national holidays). The mechanic will give explanations on the maintenance, repair and other particularities of the cars.



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