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Even the presence in this room of some of the later Silver Ghosts, finished off by the best coachbuilders of the 1920s, cannot eclipse the complete set of Phantoms, containing all the models produced by the firm during its production period.

Outstanding in this group is the most exclusive car ever manufactured by Rolls-Royce. The first prototype was sent to the British Royal Household for tests and it became the first Rolls-Royce in the royal fleet in 1950. Designed exclusively for royalty and heads of state, only eighteen units were ever built, of which seventeen have survived. They all sport the “Spirit of Ecstasy” in a kneeling position – supposedly out of respect for the royal passengers.

The first two generations of Phantom were contemporary with the “Baby-Rolls”. The model was presented in 1925 as a successor to the Silver Ghost under the title of the “New Phantom 40/50 HP”. The following year US production of the Phantom began at a plant in Springfield Mass and continued until 1931. Manufacture of the Phantom III at Derby continued alongside the RR Wraith until the outbreak of war.

In 1959, the Silver Wraith was replaced by the Phantom V, which finally ceased production in 1968. With its enormous chassis, based on the Silver Cloud II, this is the longest car in the collection. Its successor, the Phantom VI, remained in production until 1991.

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