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This pavilion is dedicated to the world of speed as embodied by two iconic Italian luxury sportscars. The audacious stylised lines of the deep red Ferrari with its “Cavallino Rampante” motif and the bright yellow Lamborghini with its “Charging Bull” are symbolic of the glamour, speed and style that characterise the two marques. Alongside them stand two equally legendary English sports cars.

At the far end of the room are the last Rolls-Royces made before the firm was taken over by the Volkswagen Group. They mark the start of the museum's star collection, arranged in inverse chronological order to make the tour more interesting. Since 2003, only BMW can sell cars with the name Rolls-Royce.

Unlike earlier models, these cars all sport a smaller version of the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot, redesigned to meet safety requirements. The new design ensures that at the slightest impact, the bonnet ornament folds down behind the radiator.

First in this group is a selection of cars from the Silver Shadow series, made in the 1970s and 1980s. This model was the successor to the Silver Cloud III model. After them comes an original and much-coveted two-seater Camargue crafted by the Italian designer Pininfarina, who usually worked for Ferrari. Finally, there are a number of models of Silver Spirit and the more modern Silver Spur, dating from the 1990s, the last in the collection of Rolls-Royces.

Each Rolls-Royce is identified by a unique alphanumerical chassis number, which provides information on frame length; number of doors; steering wheel position; provenance; model and year of manufacture, among other features. The engines and other components are individually signed to facilitate the provision of spare parts or repair in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

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